The world's largest crowdfunding festival


What is One Spark?

One Spark is a non-profit committed to fostering environments of creativity and innovation through crowdfunding, and is based in Downtown Jacksonville. One Spark provides an opportunity for people with great ideas to connect with the resources they need to make them happen. Creators to present innovative ideas and projects in an energetic, festival atmosphere to over 200,000 people over three days. One Spark attendees find and help fund the projects they love the most through live, in-person crowdfunding. These contributions, along with in-person feedback, provide the most efficient real-time market validation that a new project can get.

About the One Spark festival:

  • Open to All: Ready for market? Prototype? Napkin sketch? Creator Projects can be at any stage of development. One Spark is all about taking things to the next level and providing the catalyst for action!

  • Grassroots & Independent: One Spark is built on the premise that great creations can come from garages, small studios and dorm rooms and that the only thing holding them back is access to funding and resources.

  • Get Funded: Showcasing at One Spark gives you access to hundreds of thousands of people that can provide unlimited individual contributions to your crowdfunding campaign, and millions in potential capital from private investors.

  • Market Validation & Feedback: One Spark provides the perfect platform to put your idea in front of thousands of people, validate it and receive valuable feedback. Attendees have the opportunity to witness the latest innovations and through crowdfunding, the power to make them a reality.

One Spark’s Roots

One Spark, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to foster an environment of innovation and creativity. It was created in 2011 by three friends (Elton Rivas, Dennis Eusebio, and Varick Rosete) who wanted to connect people with ideas to resources. Despite its name, there was no single “spark” that inspired the nonprofit, but rather a number of small coffee shop conversations that blew up into something big.