One Spark
April 7 - 9, 2016 | Jacksonville, FL

Creator Applications for One Spark 2016 are now open! Click below to get started.

2016 Festival Overview
2016 Festival Overview

​​​New for 2016, Creator Districts, improved footprint, more rewards-based crowdfunding and an overall better experience for attendees and Creators. Read more here.

Showcase at One Spark
Showcase at One Spark

Join hundreds of the best Creators from around the world and launch your crowdfunding campaign, in-person, at One Spark 2016.

Crowdfunding at One Spark
Crowdfunding at One Spark

One Spark is a crowdfunding festival and place where great ideas are validated and brought to life. To learn more about crowdfunding at One Spark, click here.

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Showcase and crowdfund from attendees who contribute to your project. Creators will receive the funds contributed regardless of how much they raise towards their goal.


Sponsor One Spark

​One Spark sponsor partnerships deliver direct marketing results for local brands and Fortune 100 companies by aligning brands with One Spark before, during and after the festival in April 2016. Interested in becoming a sponsor?


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